One of the key advantages to living in Kenora is the affordable cost of housing. Both shelter costs and the cost of purchasing a house in Kenora are significantly less than the provincial averages as displayed in Table 1. Kenora also offers a wide variety of both rental and purchasing options that can accommodate an array of housing needs. While the majority of rental and housing options available in Kenora are smaller scale two-three bedroom homes, there are also plenty of options available for larger families looking for larger scale living accommodations. Kenora has also seen development of a number of apartment complexes, row housing, and condominium options in recent years.

Table 1: 2016 Shelter Costs and Dwelling Values – Kenora vs. Ontario

Owned – Kenora Rented – Kenora Owned – Ontario Rented – Ontario
Median shelter cost1 $1,002 $882 $1,299 $1,045
Average shelter cost $1,155 $873 $1,463 $1,109
Median dwelling value2 $225,210 $400,496
Average dwelling value $260,789 $506,409

Source: Statistics Canada 2016

1 Shelter cost refers to the average monthly total of all shelter expenses paid by households that own or rent their dwelling.

Shelter costs for owner households include, where applicable, mortgage payments, property taxes and condominium fees, along with the costs of electricity, heat, water and other municipal services. For renter households, shelter costs include, where applicable, the rent and the costs of electricity, heat, water and other municipal services.

2 Value (owner estimated) of private dwelling – Refers to the dollar amount expected by the owner if the asset were to be sold.

In the context of dwelling, it refers to the value of the entire dwelling, including the value of the land it is on and of any other structure, such as a garage, which is on the property. If the dwelling is located in a building which contains several dwellings, or a combination of residential and business premises, all of which the household owns, the value is estimated as a portion of the market value that applies only to the dwelling in which the household resides.